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Status Update from Vacation

Hi all!

Finally, after 4 months, I’m back with a new blog post.

This one should contain a lot, because - well - a lot has happened, but I won’t be doing so as it will take quite a bit of time and dedication that I don’t have enough.

So, I’m at Shamakhi, a district in Azerbaijan. It is not the most famous one for its tourism (afaik), but we found a nice and quite place to stay, called “Sakit göl” (Silent lake). It is located besides a lake and there are “A frame” cottages to rent. They sure look cozy and welcoming to stay at, considering their medieval theme.

Lake and cottages

We are staying at 6th cottage (I’m writing these details because they’ll probably feel nice in future :D - whole reason of me taking these notes). At the time of writing this post, it is 10:00 PM and at the other side of lake, there is a guy singing old azerbaijani songs (sometimes in russian tho). To be honest, it is distracting me, but sadly (just now, it felt good to have something not in control, lmao) I can’t do anything about it.

Night at the “Sakit göl”


So, the cottage has a balcony, which is elevated around 2 meters from ground and lake itself is quite close and - although I can’t see it clearly because it is dark - feels great. It sure has some calming feeling to it. And also, I often find myself thinking about how huge it is. It contains a lot of water, man. Not just water, the whole ecosystem in itself.

Lemao, enough about lake itself. It is nice, and even nicer when you got slow (maybe japaneese) jazz playing in background. Damn I like it..

Candy - Naoko Gushima

Anyways, one (non-friend person) would ask that what was I up to for past 3 months? Full disclaimer - I know no one would ask, but again, it will be nice to read in 10 years.

Honestly, what is this disclaimers, man?! Why am I trying to show that I am aware of no other person is reading this, or I am not important or something. It is starting to be annoying. Will try to stop this.

Hmm. Maybe, let’s keep this one solely for vacation updates, and I’ll write another one describing past months, specterise updates and stuff.

So, we’ve been staying at this hotel for 2 days now. Surprisingly, it is the longest we’ve ever stayed at a hotel. Uhm, I remember renting a house for couple of days, together with uncles’, but that was a long time ago.

LMAO the only memory I got from that trip is me feeling nauseous AF. That horrible feeling, the taste and smell of rotten food I had eaten - THINKING IT IS HOW THE FOOD IS SUPPOSED TO TASTE!

Alright, alright. Lets come back to current vacation.

It started nice - I muted most chats, specially groups in messengers I use (yes, in plural. people just can’t switch to better alternatives these days..). it felt nice to not receive and notifications. Of course, disabling MS Teams notifications was the best part! I did forgot outlook notifications tho. Will switch it off too now.

I know, I can actually do this anytime. You are partially correct. I might try keeping messenger chats muted after this. Not work related notifs tho.

We also did some fishing today! When we came here, dad had borrowed a fishing rod from a friend. We tried to catch some fishes in three different occasions but got lucky only once, LOL! But luckily, mum was taking its video, great to have one, liked much.

I also tried several times but they were eating the thing from the needle. Good for the fishes, I guess :D. Nevertheless, I did learn how to throw the rod. That part was cool, at least.

Dad and brother

Other than these, it has been a stable and calming experience so far.

11:40 PM: Finally the singer did stop and nature sounds is the only thing I hear now. There are also occasional sounds of frogs diving into water - the “bloob” sound. And some high pitched “dreeet-dreeet"s of insects. Heck, there are car sounds too, which, luckily is manageable.

Lights and the dark looks amazing, man. The Moon is whole to. Letme find what is it called in English. Ah, full moon, new moon etc. Nice. Also, just checked at, the Moon is 98% visible. It surprisingly is noticeable, at least I noticed it in comparison of yesterday. It was damn full. the perfect circle.

Mosquitos make it harder tho. Would love to see them disappear. Apparently they don’t have much role in food chain - if they disappear, food chain won’t be under a danger. Which is this way, because no other animal solely depend on eating them. Lol. Such a useless insect. APPARENTLY NOT 1

Dad has previously told that there are companies, they spray a thing to the perimeter of house and yard, and it keeps those kind of insects away. That would be nice, wouldn’t it be?

Anyways, enough about mosquitos. Actually, I’m starting to think enough writing this, but the weather is good, environment here is nice, and I don’t want to sleep yet. Therefore, I am thinking something more to write about.

Hmm, maybe some rant about how I have been far from my nerd side? There is nothing to write about tho. It is just me being so busy that I don’t read enough blogs and stuff. But recently, I discovered an application - written for GNOME , with libAdwaita! - a feed reader. It is such a beautiful desktop application which also integrates with several feed aggregators like Miniflux. It has discovery too. And I love it!

I did make that start on startup, and therefore, have been reading some posts in last 3 days.

Ah, there is Lemmy too! (Damn when I select the word and click on hyperlink, Typora - my editor of choice, reads link from clipboard and pastes to correct place. Loved it <3). Yes, so, the Lemmy is a federated platform which is like reddit, but better in terms of software, ethics and stuff, but worse, in terms of content. Uhm, I’d say that it is getting there. It for sure is my go-to doom-scroll app and they have nice native clients (thankies to open sourceness :D) which are very cool to see!

12:07 AM: Until now, I was at balcony, enjoying the chill - both the weather and mood. It also was getting too chill and I had shorts on, so, had to come back inside.

Ah I see! We are lacking only one topic - the relationship stuff. Well, this time, I don’t have any news to write about. (wink-wink)

As I am back home, I can plug my laptop to battery, which means more time to look at pics from these 2 days and remember stuff to write about. Brb in 2 minutes.

Yes! Yesterday we did saw a racoon! We don’t usually see much wild-life other than cats and dogs here, so it was interesting to see for the first time. It was - certainly: cute, probably: hungry, and I assume that: curious! It tries to come close to us, but prolly couldn’t. Will leave a pic of it too :D

A curious racoon

There doesn’t seem to be anything more that happened here. I’ve taken this whole week as vacation, so will hopefully write more as I go.

We will leave this place tomorrow afternoon, to visit Lerik, another district, but not any ordinary one! It is where I am from, and a lovely place. Good place indeed. There is not much to see there tho. It is just lovely place to be - good weather, and home :)

Anyways, so far I was writing this post as a draft, now I will start filling in gaps, put images, etc.

1:13 AM: Aaand, I’m back. I did all the linking stuff, and finally, this one can be published.

Thank you a lot for reading this far. I really do appreciate it, and if you have something to say about these stuff, or just want to talk, please reach me out via email.

See you at the next one, bye <3

  1. Uhm, sorry for that misinformation. Apparently, they do matter. But not much: Source 1, Source 2 (Turkish)↩︎

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