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Wasting the Evening

Hi, dear reader. I hope you are well.

This night I wanted to talk a bit about evenings. Evenings - to be more precise - that I don’t have much to do.

TLDR is, they are nice. I mean, I don’t hate living them, they feel like time is slow again.

If you have been following (or looking around) my blog, by now, you should now that for a year, I have been working a lot 1. And you most probably know that I have recently gained a lot of free time - that I’m under-utilizing. Yes, this weblog is exactly about this.

Wow, this full screen mode combined with typewriter mode on Typora is quite nice. I love writing like this.

What my day is like

Firstly, I’m not sure how good this “Title-paragraph” style is. I’d appreciate if you could give some feedback on this. I’m using this style because I quickly run out of phrases and linking words to start paragraphs with. And these are like them, and at the same time, giving overview about paragraph. Yes, please let me know if I should get rid of them. Thanks :).

Yes, basically, I wake up at 10-11 on morning, quickly check phone, and get up. I switch on my PC, start the virtual desktop that we use for work, and go to make myself a breakfast. The VM takes its time to boot up and be ready, so I got plenty of time for breakfast.

After a breakfast with tea or coffee, I come back to the PC and slowly start working. Ah damnit man. Let’s skip these parts. So it is 5:45PM, and I start preparing for university. I usually come back home around 10:00PM, and sit in front of my PC.

Now the question raises!

What should I do this evening?

I dont know! I can play some terraria, that I’ve been thinking about for some time. Or finally start writing that POS app that I’ve been planning for a couple of days. I don’t know, a movie maybe? Some reading might be nice. Or.. writing a weblog? Oh wait! I can also sleep early today!

.. Or simply, I can browse the internet and talk with guys for couple of hours, until it is 3:00AM or something, and go sleep after that.

Thankfully I don’t do the latter one always.

Hmm, the first paragraph, there are some nice ideas there. Coding, reading, writing and stuff. Okay, do I have reasons to not do these? Hehe, you bet your nicely configured tiling window manager I do!

To write that app, I need to write UI. This sucks. Terraria - games with some story line seem like an unnecessary thing to me. Reading - I got the book that is not delivered yet. Well, I have one more that my brother gave me, which I am afraid of reading. Ah, the writing. I don’t see why not 🤭.

Yes, so this was my decision making process for today. And this applies to majority of my evenings. This is a bit unfortunate, but fuck it.

Don’t waste the damn evening!

These evenings feel nice. They are completely ours, we can do anything we want with them. I love these evenings so much, that I don’t want to waste it by sleeping - especially when it if Friday evening. Sleeping early feels illegal.

LOL, this is probably a subconscious thing, that comes from school times.


This was my brain dump for this evening. Was it the best one? Nope. Am I gonna keep this? Hell yes, I am in mood of writing more these days. You know what, I might join this “100 day, every day a new post” challenge thing. I’ve seen people from my RSS feed doing it quite a lot. Might actually try.

Anyways. This is it. I hope you didn’t read this, and you got more important things to do. Unless this is future Me reading this.


Ah one small thing before you go. I’ve been leaning more into “completely jazz” music these days. Here you are an example. Beautiful piece, this is.

See ya!

  1. I see I’ve been mentioning this l lot, recently. Sorry if it is getting cringe. It is quite pick-me behavior, and I’m embarrassed of this. This probably is because of me having very little life outside computers. Basically, it is a friend group that we chat a lot, but do quite little together. I mean, I’m not complaining about this, but whatever. Enough for this footnote. ↩︎