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Wrap up: 2021 in a Nutshell

Early 2021

I started 2021 in interesting and unusal way. From November 2020, I was at my uncles’, helping him through out his intense cyber security course which was provided by their bank (he was cashier then). My uncle was not good at english but he had god damn dedication. Although I helped him a lot (to understand language and also heavily about computer stuff) and he actually was very good at it. He used to walk with his notebook which he had notes of everything he was teached. Anyways, he was into that and I was more than happy to help him out. So, long words short, I was with him 5 days of week for 6+ months. It was also great experience for me also. I was learning a lot from their course (almost everything I know about networking) and working.

Yes, working.

Fonibo adventures

It was August of 2020, I got a message from my friend Misir saying “Will you be available to work with us in September?”. Wow. I was so happy to hear that offer. That is why I replied instantly: “Ofc yes! Our university is not that stressful anyways. It won’t affect my work!”.

But then some time passed and I didn’t get any feedback from him. This went like this abot a month. Then suddenly Misir offered me job and as expected, I accepted it. Oh I remember first day of mine very clear!

Day of first-timers!

It was also the very first time of me entering some office, LOL! I was very excited. So, I went to the location and Misir himself greeted me. We entered the office and everyone greeted me. By everyone, I mean Co-Founder of that startup.

After that weird greeting process, I sat down and opened my laptop. Misir gave access to repository and I cloned the project. It was my first time working with codebase in that size. Quite weirdly, Misir started giving task immediately and I thought this was the way of work 😂️. I got my task and started working on it. It as very good task to start working. I had to make Razor page for email template of invoices. I did some work there and it was lunch time!

Geez, that day was full of first-time things. First time being in an office, first day of actual job, first day of large codebase and also first time of eating “Çiğ Köfte”, LOL! I even had no idea how to eat that properly. So I waited for others to start, so I would have an idea how that works. My plan worked flawlessly.

After lunch, we came back to work. And I don’t actually remember what happened next.

First month’s work

Well, what happened in realty, I managed to do very small amount of work in the first month. I didn’t have any tasks to do afterall. But I had my money transferred.

As time passed, we moved to new office and things got serious. We had all legal documents done and we were working so hard on that project, as company was startup and we had rather small team of developers.

Anyways, I used to be with my uncle until 12:00AM and then go to work (it was part time job). As I was a part time employee, I had a choice to come 1-2-4th days of week but from 10AM to 18AM (full time hours). Suddenly, interesting thing happened.

One of my university teachers, liked me a lot and contacted me to give job offer as a private teacher to 15 years old physically disabled child. I accepted it and I started teaching him Python (child had difficulties understanding and learning a bit). So I was going to their home twice a week and teach him.


That period of time was the time that I had the most income :D. I had scolarship (107 manats), part time job (600 manats) and private lesson (250 manats). Man, I felt the money first time, LOL! It was great experience, having enough money to afford any (for example) restourant but not doing so deliberately. Instead I was donating to street musicans, old people, some FOSS developers and etc. Damn that felt great! Making others happy even a tiny bit. This went like this for three to four months.

I was just getting over my first breakup :D. Damn, it was hard but somehow I started getting used to it. But there was a thing that bothered me a lot: “Not having a personal space”. Instead, I was making my way from work to home longer than it should be. Btw I had to cross train rails that had the most liminal, yet romantic view. Idk, maybe I was a bit more emotional, but that place… I had times standing there and staring at rails. It felt very good.

After I got over from first breakup, I created crush to my group mate from university. It was dangerous move. But I started being close to her then managed to meet her in person, but as just a friend. We had really good time, she suddenly talked about me to her mom and things was going very good in terms of true friendship. But guess who wanted to level up? More on this later :D

We finished Cyber Security course

By the end of May (if I remember correct) we had finished course. Uncle had very nice interview and got a job as a “SOC Analyst”. This meant I had to come back to my normal life at home. About that time, Fonibo was not doing so good in terms of business. So they suspended project and it’s development. So was unemployed again.

New job opportunity

After being out of Fonibo, most of our team swithced to a local IT Solution company. So did I. It was great at the beginning, but…

Relationship update

As I was working for that company, I started talking more with that girl I had crush on. We was so close that it was crucial point, where I could be friend forever (which is a long period of time) or I could level things up.

I asked for a real date. Well, how I did that? Great question! What happened was: Sometimes she was talking with me as a child and it was cute at beginning. But later she started doing so more often. So I had to do smth.

One day I was eating soup and my right hand (which I use the most) was oily due to soup (I was eating meat by hand). Suddenly I gathered all of my courage and wrote: “Please don’t talk with me as if I’m baby. This makes asking for date harder for me.”

She was shocked and she was not expecting this. BUT GUESS WHAT?! She also thought this today for the first time in months! What a coincidence! Anyways, we decided to talk about this in-depth tomorrow evening.

I was starting to think about rejection that I thought I was going to get. Suddenly she sent me a picture of herself, showing of her new curly hair style (btw I adore that style). Then I calmed down, thinking “it is not a dieeaster at least”.

We did met tomorrow evening and talked about all of these. We were so close that none of us wanted to change situation. She was thinking dating will change things, which is the opposite of mine thoughts. Anyways, we considered to give ourselved a chance and now each other very well. Although we were not “formal” lovers, we was talking all day. You know, like in early days of every relationship.

A bit sad times

A month passed, I was stressed so much and couldn’t focus on anything, she turned off her WhatsApp notifications (as she said, to take time alone). That was the breaking point for me. I understood that this relationship ending and I interpreted that notification thing as a slowly fading out technique.

Anyways, as I predicted, after some time, she said we are not same (which I think nobody is supposed to, with his/her partner, anyways), so it is not possible to be in a relationship.

What did I learn?

Too many things. I’ll write a separate post about these later. Maybe you know already. I’ll just give a small video as a spoiler :D.

Video: True love explained

Ongoing full-time job

Well, about that job. It was BAD. It made me tired of programming. It stressed the hell out of me. I hated it, it’s salary (500 manats), it’s work hours, their management, their projects and etc. I worked with them for 3 months. I was feeling like a man in his 40’s, in midlife crisis! Anyways, they had money problems and had to late some of us go. I was one of them (thanks god!). So, I got my last paycheck and went away from that company.

New era of my career

After quiting, I got to know Nahid Jamalli, who is a great man. He helped me a lot in terms of programming knowledge and I started looking for remote work opportunities.

Spending time with myself after a year and half

I started looking for a job at

Meanwhile, with my brother, we had a startup idea that we were polishing. Later I started coding it and it is still in progress at the time I’m writing this post.

I have status updates during both of these. You can check them out too.

World of remote work with foreign companies

Suddenly I got an offer from company called Staffwerke through and somehow I managed to pass interviews. At last, I had a real and well paying job (13 eur per hour).

As I said, I have posts talking about these mentioned above.


Overall, this year was the most busy, exciting, wealthy, in one word, the best year of my life.

I still have ongoing controversies in terms of relationship tho. With the same girl I talked earlier :D. Indeed this is weird. But this is the only emotion source for me nowadays.

But to be honest, I’m focused to money right now. If I have money and I’m successful, my thoughts will matter. People will listen.

Sadly, this is the reality. I need the god damn money to be recognized.

What am I planning to talk? This is very good, yet so simple question. I’ll be talking about freedom. Freedom, in terms of software. I’ll be talling people how their privacy, their data matters.

Idk man. I’m passionate about this. I hope someday I’ll achieve my goals.

Ok, I’ll stop :D

This was my year (actually, a year and half). Thank you for your time. Although I’m writing these for future myself, I would love to know someone is reading them also. Idk, this feels good :D.

So, if you are reading these, please contact me. I would like to hear your opinion on these topics. What did I do wrong? What should I have done? Please let me know ❤️

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Thank you very much for your time and patiance. Have a veeery nice year 🎆️! Bye.

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